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New crash diet por Electra

1, 700 calories.
2, 500 calories.
3, 300 calories.
4, Juice Fast.
5, Liquid Fast.
6, Water Fast.
7, Detox Day
8, V/F Day
9, Protein Day.
10, Fiber Day.
11, Juice Fast.
12, Liquid Fast.
13, Water Fast.
14, Juice Fast.
15, V/F Day.
16, 350 calories.
17, Detox Day
18, Protein
19, Liquid Fast.
20, Water Fast.
21, Fiber Day
22, V/F Day.
23, 200 calories.
24, 200 calories.
25, 400 calories.
26, Liquid Fast.
27, 200 calories.
28,  V/F Day.
Guidelines, (applies to all days even if repeated!)
*Juice Fast: freshly squeezed fruits or veggies. Make sure to have lots of water and have at most 3 glasses on this day. (Calories up to you, fruit can have a lot so I am trusting your judgment!)
*Liquid Fast: literally all liquids are allowed (trusting you not to go straight to sugary drinks and milk shakes, ‘kay?) as long as it has less than 300 calories. So that’s 3 glasses or bowls of liquids — 100 calories each to tide you over.
*Water Fast: try for zero calories, just water!
*Detox Day: a list of detox day choices will be underneath this picture in the caption for you to chose!*Veggies and Fruits Day: pretty self explanatory! Try to stay under 400 calories!
*Protein Day: No fatty or reds meats. Have eggs, yogurt, turkey sliced thin, ect. 300 calories worth! Have breakfast and lunch, preferably no dinner unless it’s a protein shake or something!
*Fiber Day: 160 calories of something mostly fiber. Have a bar with fiber, most are fewer than 160!
*Regular Calorie Day: eat clean, okay? Water, green tea, and have at least 1 glass of grapefruit juice (helps burn fat!)
*You may exceed Fasts or Detox’s if going well, and you may switch calories days around but never skip these steps and Days!
Rules, (results may vary if rules are not followed properly.)
*Workout on eating days only depending on your strength: do yoga in the morning, cardio in the afternoon, running in the night and walk wherever you can in the meantime.
*1-3 glasses of grapefruit juice (or grapefruits, this intake WILL NOT BE COUNTED UNLESS ON A WATER FAST).
*2-3 cups of green tea.
*2 liters of water a day, more if you can do it.
*I advise you not continue this diet if you reach the 80’s.
*Take proper vitamins, get iron pills if dizzy, take a day off from the day if it’s too straining. I don’t advise diet pills, either.
*Any questions? Please ask me at my blog:
*This is a combined diet of many so it is a bit of a crash diet, unless followed with a healthy diet you may gain it back! So be careful.
*You could lose a pound a day or more if followed strictly. Need to cleanse and lose 20+ lbs in 28 days? Done! 

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